Pornstar Moves Turning Mainstream

Remember the days of MSN chats, the Nokia 6110 and its snake game?

Well, if you do chances are you  are now  a parent or know a few of your friends who are. Chances are you also don’t have the time to download Instagram let alone Snapchat Myspace, Flickr or Twitter just to name a few. Yeah we live in an age of online virtual communication but ask yourself why do young kids need so many social medial platforms?

Looking back we have to acknowledge the absolute speed of light that all of these social media platforms have risen. They are all really new and I have to say that I don’t make the time to read the terms and conditions when I am posting my latest fitness snap. However, with all these social media platforms comes the collapse of gut instinct the art of conversation. Like a mixture of Coke and Mentos you know that the outcome isn’t going to be pretty.

What am I talking about?

Picture this, I’m walking down the street and as I do decide to take my pants off and pose a little then keep walking as if nothing has happened. Now put it into a Snapchat context, when you pose in your underwear and Snap it you ain’t being modest. The Snapchat world is a public platform, I don’t care if it’s just your friends it’s still public.

Not a threat to you? Sounds like I am making a big deal out of nothing? Well why don’t you manipulate the age of the Snapchatee and make them between the ages of 8-16. I have your attention now, if you think your kids aren’t snapping pictures you must have had a Nokia 6110.

Don’t get me wrong I have a slight obsession with Snapchat filters and sometimes I tend to go a tad overboard but I’m not your kid and I have a message of health, fitness and mindset I need to reach.

It seems as though popularity these days comes from how much you can mimic pornstar moves, and whether you like it or not, the sexualisation of everything from video clips to clothing brands as well as Snapchat filters (putting make up filters) is here.  So what to do from here? I have a family and I can see my nieces and nephews grow older and it’s a bit gross because I’m like a mother figure.

I guess all you can do is be educated and have a limit on how much they use social media at home.  Educate them on the difference between using these different media platforms for communication versus the repercussions of posting images of yourself in your underwear. Sharing anything online comes with risks and yet we don’t think twice before posting. Remember nothing they post online is truly anonymous and it can stay around for a long time. Who will see or read the information. Some posts can have life-altering repercussions although our intensions may be innocent. You need to know that these things happen and that your sweet innocent kid has probably made a mistake posting something they know isn’t right. By the time they do that someone has taken a screen shot of a semi naked kid and saved it in their folder to use as a bullying tactic.

Snapchat Rapchat

**Can you see?

I’m ready to post a picture of me

I’ve got my booty I copied it from Kim K

Hit the plus and I’m ready to play**

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Sally Strengf