Movement Is Essential

There is no doubt about it – we have to move

There is no doubt about it – we don’t move enough

There is no doubt about it – we eat too much

I remember reading somewhere that if you were fat and round in the late 1900’s you were A) wealthy B) had a lot of food.

Oh how times have changed!

As I look around at my local food court I feel a tad sad. Firstly, that I don’t see any good coffee shops around and secondly that everyone has a gut. Yes, I know it’s hard to read but it’s true. Parents have guts, grandparents have guts and even kids now.

In the age of social media filters and perfection what are we actually looking for?

Is perfection a product that is pushed by the media through the most sinister advertising or does the quest for it begin at home?

I come from a Middle Eastern background and food is basically a soft blanket of warm love created by angels and planted in the palm of your Mother who then nourishes you. I mean come on now how can you say no to that? It has been passed on by angels and then your Mum. Saying no is like getting a call from Oz Lotto saying you’ve won the jackpot but saying “oh no I’ll pick it up later’. No you effing pick that shit up now!

So if you can’t say no to the angel gift then how do you control your food and incorporate movement? Well it all starts at home and it’s all about education. We all want our family members to be healthy right? We all want our kids to be able to play sport? So why not get out and move, go to the park and make an outing of it.

It’s all about small changes in nutrition as well. You are not preparing for a body building competition but you are going to have to reduce your food portion size and incorporate more fibre in your diet.

Don’t think it’s a big deal? Well, according to the Medical Journal of Australia, the total annual direct cost of overweight and obesity in Australia in 2005 was $21 billion, and includes things like loss of productivity, early retirement, premature death and carer costs.

Being overweight has no age; chronic disease due to inactivity and over consumption of food has no age barrier. Ultimately we have a choice, a choice to move, a choice to drink and a choice to sit in front of a TV, and watch other people exercise while we fantasise about a body we can never achieve so we just don’t even try.

At the end of the day lack of movement affects absolutely every cell, organ and system in your body and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to accelerated death. So if you want to reduce your risk of obesity and other illnesses and diseases, it’s time to move because if you don’t make time to be healthy now, you have to make time for sickness later. Remember your health is your wealth so let’s take care of ourselves.


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