How To Crush Your Demons 2017 Stylz


Now before I start I have to set the scene.

This ain’t no apocalyptic premonition where we all stand on the cusp of revelation where the good versus evil finally have their throw down. Soz, this isn’t the King James version.

How to crush your demons can however be described as a 1:1 Mortal Combat round. The catch is you gotta be you and the demon isn’t really Sub Zero or Jonny Cage but the challenges you face that is stopping you from progression.

We all have fears but how do we deal with these fears and not let them take over our lives?

If you told me 6 months ago that all I had to do was write down my fears and they would dissolve I would’ve said ‘I want what you’re on mate’. Alright maybe they didn’t dissolve but I have absolutely learnt how to manage them and realise that there is always an answer, there is always a solution.

My way of thinking started to shift after I finished reading The Breakthrough Method by Dr John. F Demartini. This guy is an international speaker and a specialist in human behaviour. He came to Sydney so I bought my golden ticket and off I went.  One of the things he mentioned was to start writing a gratitude journal. WTF I thought, when do I have time to sit down and write random words but most importantly why. Why would I write it down?

Well, a recent study has shown that writing things down rather than using a computer leads to problem solving, learning and knowledge retention.

So what does that mean?

When you have an issue and you write it down whether you like it or not the brain has already begun the problem solving process.


So this is what happened to me when I wrote down my demons and about a few weeks ago I realised that I didn’t have any more demons to crush.

What is this miracle wonder system you say? Well basically all you need is buy a blank A4 book and a pen.  You do this every day and make it a ritual. I do it in the morning over a nice cup of coffee mmmmmm. See below for my example:

Gratitude – What are you grateful for?

Insight – What goals are you going to smash this year?

Crush your demons – What are the obstacles that currently exist and how will you overcome them?

I am the number one sceptic of things, NUMBER 1 I SAY but when I finally came down from my pedestal I actually began to grow and it has been the best thing.

So head off and go buy yourself a book, write the date on the top and start with the headings I mentioned earlier. I guarantee it will change you, if you don’t believe me check out the science it doesn’t lie and if you still don’t believe me just give it a try.

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